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Inside Quirky Holiday Accommodation

The why’s and wherefores of quirky holiday interiors.

Perhaps you enjoy familiarity, are content in the unsurprising and only relax when everything is in order. Or perhaps a little of the unusual is just what you need.

Take joy from the unexpected, say wow as you turn every corner, let your eyes widen as you try to take in what you’re seeing. Moments like these stay with you long after you’ve gone home. And where better to find such magic than with a holiday in unusual accommodation? We’ve handpicked some quirky glamp-sites across the South West that are far from the norm, but what is it about them that makes them so unique? The devil is in the designer details…

Frieda and the Moon Case Study

The owners of these two tiny huts came to us with a field (with a wonderful view) and we worked with their artistic vision through to finish. The result is ‘a magical retreat where…guests can encounter moments of amazement, whilst living in a luxurious and enchanting tiny house’.

Paul and Babs described their concept;

‘Our vision is encapsulated in the name, which was inspired by the poem ‘Full Moon and Little Frieda’ by Ted Hughes, which with haiku-like simplicity distils the instant as a little girl, helping with the milking, sees the huge harvest moon for the first time.’

‘We wanted to genuinely exceed expectations, guided by the notion that ‘good isn’t good enough’ in everything we do.’

But Frieda and the Moon is more than good enough.

It takes courage and conviction to push a look to its limit; the result is rewarding, with a space that exudes passion, personality and flair.

The Observatory and Tabernacle at Frieda And The Moon 

The Tabernacle at Frieda and the Moon

A handcrafted bolthole that hints at the glorious eccentricity of scholarly preachers of yesteryear, this Victorian-style tabernacle is quirky enough on the outside. But it still doesn’t prepare you for the inside.

The Tabernacle interior

Where to look first? For though it may be small, it is mighty; Farrow and Ball paints in hues of blue set off the hand cut woodwork – natural wood is a great choice for a bespoke interior, warm to touch with an innately organic aesthetic, smooth or textured but always interesting to look at there’s a lovely mix of oaks,old and new:

Tabernacle Farrow and Ball paint and wood floor  

Your eye is drawn to the exuberant wallpaper on the back wall – just enough to make an impact without overwhelming the space. This beautiful hand drawn extravaganza is from contemporary design house, Timorous Beasties. It’s like a tropical woodland dancing on the wall and named after German artist and naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian.

Timorous Beasts wallpaper and Tabernacle curtains 

The bright colours are tied together with sumptuous mustard velvet curtains that offer style and opulent elegance with an aura of freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism and enlightenment. Colour is an emotion made visible and here the colours sing.

Tabernacle details and decor

We can’t offer you any further tips on where to get your hands on the rest of the interior; this place is one-of-a-kind in more ways than one, with the owners skillfully sourcing appropriate items of antiquity from near and far. It all adds to your bespoke experience of staying in this quiet corner of Cornwall.

The Observatory at Frieda and the Moon

Once you’ve stopped staring at the outside, the sun highlighting the patina of the oxidising copper and glinting off the lead fabricated roof, step inside a world of celestial yesteryear brought beautifully into the 21st century. Reminiscent of Phileas Fogg, you’ll feel like an aristocratic explorer as you discover the cornucopia of cosmic antiques and artifacts.

Observatory decor and interior

This space is lined with beautiful papers; a William Morris print on the ceiling is like peeking out from the undergrowth as you spy on the sky through the skylight, the end wall by the bed is collaged in hand-printed original samples from the early 20th Century, even the bathroom has astronomical print for learning about all things planetary alignment related while you take a shower!

William Morris ceiling and Observatory stag head

Observatory planetary porthole

All the facilities and comfort you’d expect from Classic are made extra special with the warmth of carved oak furniture (admire the ammonite engraving on the headboard), the bespoke kitchen inlaid with brass, carefully sourced antique parlour chairs upholstered in velvet, the curtains bound with heavy tasseled tiebacks - the view inside is as mesmerising as the one out.

Observatory interior design and window

As the saying goes, beauty is the harmony of purpose and form – a sentiment brought to life at Frieda and the Moon, for as the poem goes;

‘The moon has stepped back like an artist gazing amazed at a work
 That points at him amazed’

Read more about how the owners brought this place to life in their Search for Amazement.

The Observatory inspiration

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