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Holiday Personalities

To help you form the perfect party and get a balance of personalities, we've drawn up a list of holiday archetypes.

At home and at work we know our place. This role is formed over time, and influenced by habit, choice, responsibility, and by those around us. One day we might be a primary-carer in charge of a runaway toddler, the next we're a hunter-gatherer in search of the next meal or pay-day. All you need to know is that we all get labelled, whether we're the strong-willed type or just roll over eassy and go with the flow.

On holiday, roles can change. Away from the slog of daily errands and duties, people behave differently. They do things you don't expect. They say 'yes' instead of 'no', or 'thanks' instead of 'ug'. They might, and it's a big might, even bring you a mug of tea in bed. You might faint. They might fetch a flannel. Who knows where this new found generosity might end?

On the other hand, it might not happen at all. Even in new surroundings with new company, people revert to type. They hide in bed until the last breakfast bowl has just been dried. They throw a towel full of wet sand all over the floor you've just swept. And guess who cleans it up? Yes, Muggins here.

This time is precious. In some groups it may take a while for people to find their place but if you divvy up the tasks at the start, you'll get a mid-morning lie in when you want one. The trick is to get the right mix. In an ideal world,  a group would pick itself - he's a great cook, she plays the guitar, he makes me laugh, she just makes me feel good, they can babysit, and so on.

We've honed in on eight different personality types. But if you know someone who bucks the trend, let us know below!

Illustration by Paul Davis

The Godsend

The ultimate holiday companion
Makes the sun shine on a cloudy day
Lets you lay about, Shirker-style, but still loves you for it
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Illustration by Paul Davis

The Ligger

A useful addition if you're on a budget
But don't let them run the kitty
Ensure they have their wallet before leaving the house
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Illustration by Paul Davis

The Joker

Lifts the spirits on a damp day
Can be inappropriate
But they make you laugh, so who cares?
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Illustration by Paul Davis

The Sherpa

The avid adventurer
Will help you discover lost lands
May just get you lost
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Illustration by Paul Davis

The Martyr

Gets everything done
Complains a lot about doing it

Illustration by Paul Davis

The Performer

A multi-talented entertainer
There's never a dull moment
Perhaps prone to melodrama?
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Illustration by Paul Davis
The Trojan

Ever motivated
Ever enthusiastic
Never sits down 
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Illustration by Paul DavisThe Shirker (aka The AWOL-er)
Loveable but lazy
Will have a truly restful holiday
This may mean that you do not 

Who have we missed?
Let us know about the colourful characters you've had the (mis)fortune of holidaying with by commenting below. 

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