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Family Holidays: Kids away from home debate

We innocently asked around Classic HQ for tips on holidaying with children in a baby-friendly holiday cottage. The results were on opposite ends of the spectrum.
Which gets your vote? #ClassicCalm or #ClassicChaos

Keep Calm and Carry their Comforter with you

When holidaying with little people, it can be quite an upheaval, especially if you've just got them into a good routine. Kids don’t sleep well away from home, so bring their favourite cuddly toy as reassurance.

Familiarity is the key - a favourite mug, plate, spoon or toys will see them through any homesickness.

Routine is important - a new environment is a big enough change so don’t miss naps, meals, bedtime etc.

Children love water, from the moment they learn to sit up they like to splash about in a paddling pool, and it has its benefits over the beach - no spoiling mealtimes by eating handfuls of sand for instance! Bring an inflatable paddling pool for the garden at the holiday cottage along with a few swim nappies and bobs your uncle! Happy little ones…..

Paddle in a pool



Embrace the Chaos and Calm the little ones Later

Who needs routine on holiday? Why not go with the flow: if the children stay up late to watch an amazing sunset over the sea while you barbecue on the beach, fix it with a siesta the next day to recharge batteries.

Holidays are memory-making times that children will remember when they are grown up and long gone from home, so change it up a bit and give them the chance to do things differently for a week or two - those memories are the ones that will last forever.

Let everyone enjoy the atmosphere of a party in the park by laying baby on a blanket and forming a protective ring of dancing adults.

Breastfeed on the beach while the barbecue embers burn out - a handy anytime snack for baby.

Let the little ones run through the undergrowth till they fall asleep in their mud pies - embrace their wild side.

Keep going till they collapse

Which gets your vote? #ClassicCalm or #ClassicChaos

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