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Cinema Paradiso

We live in a very filmic corner of earth. Ask Tim Burton. He shot Alice in Wonderland here, which tells you what the place does to your imagination.

This is the land of escapism. So escape. Go old school and grab a film at one of the time-warp independent picture houses hidden away in small riverside towns. Catch a surf flick at a village hall.

Or even rig up your own movie den in the garden. All you need is a laptop, a couple of DVDs, a projector and a big white wall. If you can’t find one, improvise. A pale sarong, sheet or XXL T-shirt pegged to a washing line or tree is almost Odeon-esque. Stoke up the fire and throw on some marshmallows. Lob some popcorn in the oven. And scoop yourself a fistful of ice cream. Open up the laptop, slot in your all-time favourite and get the fireflies to dim the lights.

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