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A Very, Very Short History of Community

‘Community’ is a bit of a buzzword.
Politicians spout on about ‘Big Society this’ and ‘Localism that’,
but really, it’s nothing new.
Community is an ancient tradition.
After 2,000 years, it hasn’t changed much round here.
People still tend to live in smaller groups and do things for the
common good.
They give the place its heart and soul.
This is Little Society.
Even though you’re only visiting, you’ll get a strong sense of this
community spirit wherever you choose to stay.
It usually emanates from the village hall (or community centre as
the Government calls them).
There’s often something peculiar and lovely going on here,
like a mammoth homegrown veggie show, or a Mr & Mrs
Competition (a couple of our staff recently walked off with
their local cup, although they’re still bickering over where to put
the trophy).
If you’re feeling brave, take part.
You may only be up against two others so you stand a pretty
good chance of getting at least a bronze.

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