Pub Philosophy

There's no Doc Martin here

Photography by Annabel Elston


Padstow, the world of Rick Stein and Fisherman's Friends. Except it's not.

Well, not when you're there, underneath the skin of the place, eating a fresh-from-the-sea lobster and wandering an art exhibition in a church. There's a reason this place became so popular but there's an awful lot more to satisfy off the tourist trail.

We started in Port Isaac, having heard that Doc Martin doesn’t really live there and that some really lovely people do. We set out through the mizzle to meet the pasty lady and that bloke that lands the shellfish, avoiding acrobatic seagulls on the way.

Fresh from the sea fishmonger

Fresh from the sea lobster Fresh from the sea samphire

First things first, we wanted food. Pub talk of pasties to soak up the beer, and promises of the freshest fish had our stomachs overtaking brain function. Luckily, the first shop we came to was Fresh From The Sea.

A fresh lobster lunch? It's not as expensive as you'd expect, and more than worth treating yourself too when it's as fresh as you can get.

Lobster accompaniments:

It doesn't have to be fancy or complicated. When it's pre-cooked, just squeeze a lemon over him while you sit and watch the sea. (Like we did on our beach BBQ)

Fresh samphire - the taste of the sea by the seaside.

Nothing but bubbles - make it all about the lobster with a champagne toast to it's freshness.

Port Isaac harbour

Seagull divebombSeek the seagull shadow...

Here's a little hint, you don't need a bag of chips to be attacked by seagulls. Just blindly wander too close to a cliffside where a mummy gull nestles with her chicks and get good at spotting ominous seagull shadows on the water!

Treasure hunting on the beach Seeking out secrets in Port Isaac's secret window

The glamorous crabbie girls shuck oysters No art here


Don't forget to check out:

Fresh from the Sea

A top-of-the-villages shop with a friendly fisherman bringing his catch straight to the counter. We took our lobster on a date with a beach bbq, but others get to be cooked up by Nathan Outlaw.

Just Shellfish

Step into the old pilchard-curing cellars where the fishmongers sing shanties and the ‘glamorous crabbie girls’ shuck oysters.

St Peter’s Church

Worth popping by to see what community effort is going on this week. We missed the local art exhibition, but the signs were a good sign.

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