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Snorkelling and lobsters in Port Quin

Our chats with the fishmonger in Port Isaac took us over to Port Quin for snorkelling escapades where Adam lost his wedding ring out at sea but found it with one blind dive. A hearty lobster bap and Monmouth coffee from Fiona’s tin van cafe relieved the wetsuit dramas and she sent us in the direction of the pointy witch’s hat – a church on a golf course on the beach, no less.

A handy car park by the sea (with an even handier bap wagon in the form of Fiona's Tin Van Cafe) allows you to be subtle with your ungainly attempts at putting on a wetsuit. And on that note, here are some wet suit do's and don'ts:

Wetsuit etiquette

Put carrier bags on your feet to help them slide through too-tight neoprene leg holes (although there's a rumour that it’s vitally important they’re the correct brand for the beach...).

Keep said carrier bags for standing on in a muddy car park, post-dip.

Don't put your flippers on until you reach the water, thereby avoiding walking like a penguin.

When you put your flippers on, enter the water backwards. Trust us.

Don't try to walk whilst wearing flippers. In or out of water.

Believe in your wetsuit. There's no need to be scared of seaweed. Or jellyfish.

Be wary of sliding on rocks in your wetsuit. They tend to rip.

How to rip a wetsuit

Helpful snorkelling tips

Spit in your goggles to stop them steaming up. Yes, really.

Clip your snorkel to your mask to help prevent a salt water swallow.

Check out the way a wave bends the light in the moment of breaking from below or watch the refractive patterns scan across the sand.

Adam found his wedding ring

Diving for treasure - Adam's wedding ring

Don't wear your wedding ring in the sea. Adam still hears that sickening 'plop' in his sleep, that heart-stopping moment when, mid-snorkelling, he lost his 10 month old wedding ring out at sea. Luckily for Adam, he did not need to face the wrath of his new wife, for one blind dive saw it shining 6ft under, perched on the only submerged rock in a ten metre radius. Lucky, lucky Adam.


Relief in a burger bap

Putting the moment's horror behind us and leaving wet wetsuits to winter sun-dry on the car bonnet, we indulged in some car park snacks. That doesn't sound too appetising until you realise that Fiona is serving the best baps from her Tin Van Cafe on the grassy verge, where a conveniently placed picnic bench let us rest our jelly-legs while Fiona sizzled fresh lobster for our baps and recounted tales of womad days. She was the one who pointed us in the direction of the pointy church on a golf course on a beach...

Tin van cafe Fiona of Fiona's tin van cafe Nom nom nom


Fiona’s Café

 An ex-womad in a fetching straw hat making halloumi burgers and crab and mango rolls to order from her vintage Citroen van. Good coffee too.



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