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Sculptures and skimming at a church on the beach

Inflatable sharks and pebble sculptures ensued – who needs city skyscrapers when you’ve got sandy seascrapers? Katie lost the stone-skimming tournament and went on ice cream reconnaissance whilst a granddad taught his young protégé the difference between flotsam and jetsam.

A short walk across a golf course (note: beware the wrath of angry golfers if you inadvertantly set up a deck chair within swinging distance of the eleventh hole), a walk amongst the caterpillars, a stroll along a high hedge and a you become aware of a looming steeple, peeking over the high hedge like a with playing hide and seek. Like a child in a maze, skirt its circumference till you find the backside entrance and marvel at the unusual silhouette against the backdrop of the sea. Pay your respects to Sir John Betjemen and 'William Cock (who died at Rock)' before wandering beachwards.

Hide and seek with the pointy church


An inflatable shark is always a source of amusement when played with responsibly in a seaside environment. But a well placed wooden pole kept us more than entertained when we used it as target practice in the 'Advanced Stone Skimming Championships', that involved not only getting a flat stone to dance and skip its way across the waves, but take out a balanced stone on the way. Not at all easy.

Stone Skimming with a difference

The difference between flotsam and jetsam

'Flotsam floats and comes from boats while jetsam is thrown in the sea, you see
Jetsam is jettisoned for the good of the boat while flotsam was mistakenly set free.'

NB You can get away with keeping jetsam, but flotsam can be claimed by its original owner, according to the maritime law... 

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