Pub Philosophy

Pub Philosophy by the sea

Pub with a sea view

The Ship Inn, Portloe, Cornwall

Pete the local (this time)
Katie the jotter down of notes
Adam the capturer of moving images

It's mid-November and we’re out on the coast of south Cornwall searching for a pub in which to warm our toes and learn from the locals. 


Poop deck Portloe Sunday lunch Portloe Portloe pub



Pub wellies

The Ship Inn is a pub with a view that serves a lovely crab sandwich, landed a matter of feet from the front door – you can’t get much more of a quintessentially Cornish lunch than that. Passages to the Poop Deck and mermaids stuck to the wall with the promise of free beer tomorrow, we settled in amongst the abandoned walking boots and got chatting to Pete, who lives three miles down the road:



Portloe fishing boats

Pete wanted to show us the sights, so hopped on his skateboard and took the fast hill down to the water. We were more leisurely in our stroll to discover the working fishing boats in the cove before wandering up the cliff path to a view fit for a postcard. Portloe is ‘sum priddy’ but we had a headful of ideas of where to go and why thanks to Pete and the barkeep.


Free beer Skateboarding Portloe Portloe


 Stay in a Holiday cottage in Portloe, on the Roseland

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