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Pasties and earbones in Padstow

We went to The London Inn but no one was home. Shame, as Jen recommends it for music and hijinks. They also have a fair few Cornish pints to sample. Still, The Old Ship Hotel served us well. Just don’t try to get a taxi after 11…

A morning stroll around Padstow reveals its charm. Sampled a Chough Bakery pasty – yes, for breakfast, we went all out. Pasty-fuelled, we wandered along Trig Troll and dipped into Chidley Pumps. There’s an Enid Blyton story in there somewhere, with the grown up version playing out at Prideaux Place. The museum heralded the discovery of a painted whale earbone before the man with the dog told us to follow the white haired druid. So we did.

<Insert pub story here>The London Inn Padstow

We can't lie, our plan did not go to plan and on this occasion our planned pub did not come up trumps (through no fault of its own, just bad timing - The London Inn is usually a great place to go).

So, we stumbled round the corner and ended up at The Old Ship Hotel for a lovely meal whilst holding ice cold pint glasses against sunburnt foreheads (July was pretty hot). Thankfully, our server was a font of local knowledge as an ex-taxi driver and we pored over the map whilst supping our ale. He told us about a big scary blowhole and an overgrown rock garden - our adventures for the following day. A few pints later and we needed to get to bed.

Padstow lesson number one: you can't get a taxi at pub closing time. We thought it was still early, apparently it was not. The terribly chatty and convivial Owners of the hotel offered the services of their barmen, but we were lucky enough to catch a taximan on his journey home. Next time we shall book in advance.

Our friendly waiter helped us find the local secretsEarly morning dog walking, Padstow style

Awakening to the sound of the seagulls, a harbour stroll was on the cards, to include an obligatory pasty breakfast (thanks Chough Bakery) and a stroll past the oldest house. The fantastically-named Trigg Troll and Chidley Pumps conjure memories of Famous Five books so taking the children goes without saying (a walk and a beach, by the way). If you stop in the museum, have a chat to Chris and John Buckingham - they make it worthwhile.

The Chough Bakery for a pasty breakfast

Chough Bakery

They put an extra dollop of Cornishness in their pasties.

Lola’s Secret Teahouse

So secret, we can’t show you what it looks like or tell you where it is. But you can’t exactly miss it.

Padstow Museum

Founded and run by local volunteers, it’s home to a painted whale earbone, amongst other interesting things.

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