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‘Even better’, says David and Owen of Land and Wave. They should know, they take people coasteering and kayaking all along this stretch of the quarried coast. Hedbury has a cannon once aimed at Napoleon, deep sea caves and Acapulco jumps. It’s west of Dancing Ledge and its swimming pool, blown out by dynamite, a short walk from Scratch Arse quarry (don’t ask where the name came from).   

Bovington Tank Museum

Your son doesn’t have the world’s biggest collection of tanks, Bovington does. Creep inside a 2012 model or timewarp the kids back to WWI to see how tough their great granddad had it. Next door is Clouds Hill, Lawrence of Arabia’s old pad, just before he died in a motorbike crash on his way home from Bovington.  

Cerne Abbas Giant

You can’t leave Dorset without seeing the world’s most ‘excited’ man in all his glory. Yes, it’s a fertility symbol, but we’re not sure if it works. Why not hike up the Giant’s Walk on an overcast day just to see if his 55 metre presence has an effect? If it rains, head for the medieval village for an hour or so.   


A mile walk down the track from 
The Square and Compass, you hit the film set of Winspit. They shot Dr Who and Blake’s 7 here in the square cut caves of this former quarry. It aches to stage an opera of some kind. The ledges below are just as epic. Dunk your legs in one of the hot tub rock pools or dive in the deep stuff, penguin-style.  

Cuddling a man-made cliff faceWinspit folk-art

Katie dusts the ceiling of the central cave

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