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Cartwheels and beach barbecues at Rock

We took our sandy lobster and samphire over to Rock, where a crevice hewn out of the cliff by a mini-Poseidon served as a barbecue shield while the sun sank low. If you don’t have the tools, a searinsed stone will crack shell and driftwood sticks make great yokes for lifting hot coal-carriers down to the water.

We pulled into an unassuming car park that could've been in the middle of nowhere as its high sides gave no hint of the location. We didn't follow the inflatables heading beachwards, instead we climbed the steep path away from the sea, but boy are we glad we did.

Cartwheels at the view over Rock beach

It's only a trip for the sure-footed but you'll get that top-of-the-world feeling when you stop and breathe in the panorama. Cartwheels will ensue. It's worth carting a blanket up to avoid sitting in the rabbit droppings, but on a good weather day, bring a book and a flask of tea. Or simply drink in the view.

As the sun started dropping we picked up sticks on our trip down to the sands. We were thankful to find a mini-Poseidon had honed out a handy crevice in the cliffside to shelter our barbecue from any breeze. The kindling sticks were plenty to heat up our little lobster and saved the effort of carrying coals. Someone with their head screwed on had remembered to bring a metal spatula which made cooking all the easier, but those good with chopsticks could easily fashion tongs out of twigs. 

NB we recommend buying a ready cooked lobster to warm through, to save on any raw shellfish woes!

Lobster beach barbecue

Beach Barbecue Etiquette

> Take time to choose your position - noone likes smoke in their face and make sure it's above high tide line...

> Learn to spot the local fishermen - they'll often sell direct

> A sea-rinsed rock makes a good shell cracker

> Seaweed ropes and seaside sticks make good hot hod-carriers down to the water

> Bring a bag to bag up all your rubbish - don't bring any glass! (And don't bring smelly leftover fish carcasses back to your cottage either...)

> Never, ever bury your barbecue

Beach barbecue clean up

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