Pub Philosophy

Barefoot vs Boards, a race of footsteps against paddles.

Whilst resting by the waterside, an encounter with friends led to a race to the finishing line for a well earned picnic - walking vs waves!

Emma and Pete – on the water
Ed and Katie – on the shore

Set on the edge of a ‘sort of quay’ by a quaint little bridge we’d come across (Gear Bridge), somewhere near the Helford River

Gear Bridge quay

On our way to Tremayne Quay, once we’d finished gathering picnic munch from the various delis dotted en route, we stopped for a while on a small tributary edge and soaked up the serenity as it wasn’t quite lunchtime yet.

Toes dangling over tiny shoals, we sat and let the nothingness wash through our minds and out along the river. Then Emma and Pete showed up.

Paddleboards in tow they were looking to make the most of the high tide. An exchange of pleasantries quickly gave way to an enthusiastic plan…

Emma and Pete arrive

The tide was still rising so it would be slow going for the paddlers – we reckoned we stood a chance when they claimed they’d get to Tremayne Quay before us. The race was on.

By the time they’d stripped to their swimmers and boarded their craft, we’d driven round the corner to our gated start point. Hamper in hand, we started out at a leisurely pace, genuinely intrigued as to whether or not the waterway was a superior route. Once we’d rounded the first bend and discovered we were ahead of them however, the mood changed. We picked up the pace.

We were ahead at the first corner!



Running with a wicker hamper, not that we were running...The end was in sight!

Ed soon learned that an improved paced did not an improved performance make – when one is being hampered by a hamper!

The walk took us along a dappled path that mostly ran parallel with the river – I don’t know if they could see us but every now and then we got a glimpse of them, sometimes down below, and other times rounding the corner ahead of us which provoked a burst of leg-bruising jogging.

Emerging on the quay not quite running

By the final straight, we were pretty neck-and-neck (though if we hadn’t kept stopping to peer for progress through the leaves, I reckon we would’ve beat them). The final straight saw us pretending to walk whilst running (resulting in a peculiar gait), bursting out of the trees onto Tremayne Quay as the paddle boarders slipped up alongside.

‘Twas a draw!

Mutual finish

Our energetic jaunt was rewarded as we cracked open the rather shaken picnic basket for our Picnic on the Quay.

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