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A cold sea swim with a giant

We stopped off at Carne beach, where some rather large rocks landed when the giant Tregeagle threw them over from Padstow. A lone figure swathed in windbreaker waterproofs stands at his fishing rod, frozen against the winter’s breeze, fixated on the low light sparkle of the sea. Then along comes Pete dressed for all intents and purposes as if it’s the middle of summer. His pallor initially blends well with the pale sand until he emerges from the sea an unnerving mix of purple blue and red. But he stands by his claim that a cold sea swim is ‘invigorating’.

Coming in from the seaThe cold hard facts

It makes you happy with the pain/pleasure endorphin response

It boosts your blood flow (and so your libido...once you warm up!)

It keeps your immune system on its toes

Calories are burnt twice as fast as you work twice as hard

But don't jump straight in

And don't stay in too long

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