Pub Philosophy

A Barefoot Pub Philosophy in the Blue


The Blue Location: 
Blue Anchor, Helston, Cornwall

Peter Kirby – the talker
Katie Chown – the listener
Simon Tregoning – the buyer of pints
Roger Thorp – the watcher
Adam Ludnow – the drinker
The frequenters of the Blue – the atmosphere

The Blue Anchor

‘Come for the Spingo, stay because of the Spingo’. One of  the oldest original working pub breweries in Britain serves up a mean pint, and it’s opposite Classic HQ. Start off with a small half of Middle and see where it takes you… Tread carefully so as not to trip on an age-old flagstone, down the Monk’s alley to the 18th Century skittle alley and settle in the garden to enjoy the effects of having been Spingo’d.

Monk's Alley


Monk's Alley

'I heard a rumour that if you could drink 10 pints of Spingo and walk down the alley without touching the sides, the pub deeds are yours for the taking’

- Old man laughing in the corner 

The local atmosphere

A sandy stroll

‘I like it down the Lizard’, said Charles Dickens. Or Chas, as he prefers to be called. After one of several pints of Special, this colourful local let slip his favourite places, heading for the closest bit of coast to Helston at Loe Bar – ‘can take the dog, y’see’.
A good walk takes you along from Porthleven, across the strip of sand stopping Loe Pool from entering the sea, and around the Halzephron headland to Dollar Cove. A little further takes you into Church cove with St Winwaloe’s church oddly set right on the beach, but the dog is only allowed here in the winter.

A river valley amble

View Mill Lane Cober Valley Walk in a larger map

Tim is another Loe Bar Advocate, but heads inland with his four-legged friend for a river walk between Lowertown and St John’s Mill in Helston. A lovely half hour, tree-lined stroll takes you down the Cober Valley, past stepping stones and old cart tracks across Mill Leat.

A woodland wander

South of Helston, on your way to Loe Bar, a retired postmaster recommends winding through the trees of the Penrose Estate. With Loe Pool on your right, a stroll through the dappled sunlight of Degibna Woods leads towards Loe Bar and opens out into large fields. Follow these along past Carminowe Creek, taking in the mill and you’ll reach another small wooded area, Carminowe Wood. It’s a bit of a dead end though, so you might just want to loop around Loe. The Telegraph explains the route in full as the first description in 20 Great Spring Walks, or take a look at our interactive map:

View Helston to Porthleven, Penrose Loe Bar Walk in a larger map


Steve Bloor, Barefoot PodiatristIn walks a man who looks perfectly normal, until you notice he’s forgotten to put his shoes on. ‘That’s what the anklet is for’, he says, ‘so people know that I have thought about my feet today’.
Steve Bloor is known as ‘the barefoot podiatrist’ and this week marks three years of baring his toes. It’s a way of life that he claims promotes ‘positive podiatry’ and was keen to tell us that ‘when you free your feet, your mind will follow’ – it opens you up to a whole new way of thinking. We were intrigued.

And so onto A barefoot adventure with the National Trust

Steve's feet

Stay nearby in a holiday cottage near Helston>

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