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The Best Fireworks in Somerset

Picture the scene; hot chocolate in hand, wrapped up in your favourite woolly scarf and mittens, with your loved ones arms wrapped around you as you gaze up in wonder as the sky is illuminated. It must be Firework's night, my favourite!


Somerset has a lot to offer when it comes to Bonfire Night holidays, so I am going to walk you through the best of What's On in Somerset, with the events to make sure you remember your 5th of November this year. 


Weston-Super-Mare is known for its ‘Fireworks at Sea’, an event which happens at various points throughout the year, but Bonfire Night is its most spectacular. Set on the iconic Grand Pier, the display here is certainly one to take your breath away. It is only £7.50 per ticket too which is very reasonable (as at 2017). This year the event is to be held on November 11th and due to start at 6.30pm, but may change annually. The seaside is really one of the best places to watch the fireworks, with the reflection of the colours dancing across the water. 

Fireworks at Sea, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset


Bath’s Rotary fireworks are renowned across Somerset. It is very reasonably priced at £6 per adult on the gate (2017) and is held at The Recreation Ground which is a lovely setting for the firework show. This year it is held on the 4th of November and the gates open at 5.30pm with the show itself starting at 9pm. You can get tickets for general standing in the Cricket Pavilion or seated in the terrace or riverside. This year all proceeds will go to the Bath Trauma Recovery Centre, and Bath Focus Counselling. This event is very family focused, and there are lots of refreshment stands to enjoy.

As well as the Rotary offering in Bath, there is the ‘Light Up Lansdown’ Display. Here you can also enjoy some fun fair rides, face painting, circus tricks, and more, culminating in a breath-taking display of colour at 7.30pm. This is a really fun one for couples in particular, with mulled wine flowing, and a range of tasty treats to enjoy including toffee apples, prosecco, burgers, coffee, marshmallows and more. Held at Bath Racecourse, this is really a fine affair with all proceeds going to Crimestoppers UK. The event starts at 5pm and finishes at 8.30pm on Friday 3rd of November 2017. 


Last but by no means least is the world-renowned Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival. The event has won two tourism awards, and 'event specialist of the year' for 2016/2017 among other accolades. Held on Saturday November 4th 2017, the carnival attracts more than 150,000 people every year from around the globe. It is so much more than your average bonfire night celebration, with brightly lit floats, artistic performers, musicians, dancers, talented acts of every nature and the famous squibbers. The floats are inspired by things like children’s books, films, historical moments, and places. It all ends with the squibbing – the lighting of stout poles in the shape of brooms where the fireworks shoot out from. It's all in celebration of the foiling of the gunpowder plot! Such fun. Events start at 6.30pm but be sure to get there early to get a good spot (Market Street or Mount Street are best) and finishes around 10.30pm.

Bridgwater Guy Fawkes float carnival

Wherever you choose to celebrate Bonfire Night this year, we hope you have a fantastic time. 


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