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Our Ten Favourite Benches, No. 7

Even on an evil day, a seat on a boat is a joy.

(below) Helford River and (above) Dartmouth

There’s something about the bobbing up and down as you scuttle along on the water that brings the bench to life. Here’s our crash-course in boat-benches.

1. Water taxis are open-air baths. Sit at the back, face the way you’re going and bear the full brunt of the spray. It’s great.
2. Beware the bloody bench. A day out sitting in a boat feathering for mackerel off Seaton or elsewhere makes you glad to be alive. Just wear old kit. The gizzards and guts make a right old mess.
3. Most rivers down here are tidal. Ferrymen can knock off early if the ebb and flow conspires against them. Get a tide timetable (


Map: Chart 2400.4: River Dart (Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson Ltd – ISBN 0852886438).
Pub: Tapas at Browns Hotel, Victoria Road, Dartmouth.
Tip: Take the Dartmouth ferry to Kingswear and sample its starboard and portside curved
benches. For cruises, trips and charters in and around Dartmouth, jump on-line and moor up

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