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Halloween in Cornwall - six spooky Cornish Haunts

With Halloween just around the corner, are you ready to get seriously spooked? Here are six Cornish haunts to give you goosebumps.

Six Spooky Cornish Haunts

Desolate Bodmin Moor


1.       Bodmin Moor

Barren and desolate, the 150 square miles of moorland is a perfect destination for frightening yourself silly on the 31st. 

But it’s not just the general landscape you have to worry about; there is the Beast of Bodmin Moor to contend with too. With over sixty sightings the beast has been described as a big, panther-like cat with yellow eyes and is said to be responsible for mutilating livestock.  

Sound silly? There was enough evidence to warrant an official government investigation into its existence! And whilst the report concluded there was no verifiable evidence of the beast, there wasn’t any evidence against it either. Better watch yourself up there.

As if that wasn’t creepy enough, you might also spot the ghost of Charlotte Dymond. She was murdered on the rugged moorland back in 1844 and is said to haunt the moors wearing the Sunday best clothes she was killed in.

Bodmin Moor


2.       The Ship Inn

The 400-year-old Ship Inn stands sits squarely in the centre of Mevagissey, a delightful fishing port on the south coast of Cornwall. Whilst it looks idyllic (and the food is delicious!) the inn has a ghostly secret.  

A photograph of the former landlady, Lil Barron, sat above the bar for years but vanished in 2012. The pub began flooding so regularly the media labelled it Britain’s Most Flooded Pub. The new tenants managed to recover the photograph, put it back in its rightful position and what do you know – whilst the rest of the village was flooded, The Ship Inn stayed dry. Spooky stuff!


3.       Wheal Coates

Perched above St Agnes on Cornwall's north coast, Wheal Coates is an old mine that reaches down to the sea. Back when it was a working mine over 140 people worked there, but the dangerous conditions led to the death of many a miner. Legend has it the mine is now haunted by those very men. You can get to the mine shaft by visiting Chapel Porth beach at low tide…if you dare!


4.     Jamaica Inn

Built in 1750 as a coaching inn, Jamaica Inn was the 18th century version of today’s service station; a place for tired travellers to rest and refuel. You will no doubt recognise the name from Daphne du Maurier's 1936 novel, Jamaica Inn. It was inspired after she got lost in the fog whilst riding a horse on the moors. Intrigued, she stayed a few extra nights to discover more about the place. It was the frightening wildness of the moor and the atmosphere of the inn that inspired her book.

Don’t worry though, it gets scarier. Many moons ago a man left half of his tankard of ale and exited the moor. His body was found the next day on the moor and to this day nobody knows how he died or who killed him. However, there have been reports of footsteps along the passage to the bar and it is said to be the ghost of the man, returning to finish his drink.

So eerie is Jamaica Inn, it’s even been featured on the popular TV show ‘Most Haunted’. Why not head along to the Inn the night before Halloween for a murder mystery night? You’ll definitely be in the mood for Halloween after that! 

Jamaica Inn Halloween


5.       Pengersick Castle

Built from the remains of a manor house in the 1500s, Pengersick Castle is said to be the stuff of ghost hunters’ dreams. Why? Well it’s been reported that there are 20 ghosts that haunt the castle and its grounds near the sea at Praa Sands.

From a monk in a wide brim hat loitering around the forest, to a 13-year-old girl haunting the battlements after she was blown over the edge. Up for a terrifying treat? Head over on Halloween for special haunted tour!


6.       Bodmin jail

Between 1785 and 1909, 55 people were executed at Bodmin Jail, most in front of a public as an incredibly grisly source of entertainment.

One of those prisoners was Selina Wadge who was arrested for the murder of her youngest son, Harry. She alleged it was at the hands of her lover, who said he’d only marry her if her son wasn’t around. Selina was found guilty and sentenced to death. She was executed in front of a crowd and was said to have said "Lord deliver me from this miserable world," just before her death. Selina’s ghost is said to haunt the prison and small children are often said to enquire about a crying lady in a long dress.

It’s also been reported that pregnant women are overcome with emotion on the 3rd and 4th floor of the jail; some have explained this by saying it is Selina projecting her feelings of guilt. Want to find out more? Why not book onto the overnight paranormal ghost walks. 

Bodmin Jail halloween

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