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World of Work 'Shifting Horizons'

The Surf to Success program is ‘a pioneering, academically evaluated surfing intervention project which is changing the lives of chronically disadvantaged young people’.

At the end of last year we were host to a group of teenagers as part of the Surf to Success program pioneered by Global Boarders / GB Boardriders CIC. You can read about it here. They had a few hours of exploring where we work and finding out what we do, with some interesting things to be said about it all.

This time, two lads came to see us with their mentors, as part of the GB Boardriders ‘Shifting Horizons Work Transition Program’, which works with unemployed 16 to 24 year olds. They too had to endure a conference-style meeting with our Managing Director, Anthony Skitt, and Chairman, Simon Tregoning. But it wasn’t all bad. They chatted about challenges faced in the working world, and how it’s possible to overcome them, along with setting up a business and working with, and for, the general public.

They seemed to have had a worthwhile experience and had this to say about the day:

‘The company have good business prospects and know their market clearly. I would recommend them to anyone, they’re open and honest and are very open with anything you would need to know.’
‘Extremely honest – no twisting the truth. Advertising is simple but effective, not too complicated. Clever and creative – realise a problem and create unique solutions. Think very deeply about every participant – homeowner and customer. The history of start and current business is quite inspiring. They know how business should be, hand in hand with passion.’

We promise we didn’t bribe them. Honest!

Global Boarders

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