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Save our moorland ponies

Abby and Aura, the adorable moorland ponies, are part of the South West Equine Protection Centre. Formed in 1996 by volunteers, SWEP is now a registered charity which fights daily to help injured and neglected moorland ponies on both the Dartmoor and Bodmin Moors.

Recently, SWEP were featured on spotlight after it became apparent that the company who were supposed to be looking after funds raised for the charity, had actually been misappropriating large amounts of money.

With this company now having gone into administration, it is highly unlikely that SWEP will ever see the money raised for the ponies.

Before this heart-breaking news came to light, SWEP had begun work on a desperately needed yard area. However, with funds ceasing to come in, the budget for this project is now being used to simply keep the centre open.

After decades of hard work and love to create a home to rescue and rehabilitate these ponies, if funds cannot be raised the centre will be forced to close and the ponies on the moors will tragically be left to suffer, resulting in them having to be shot (don't worry, the lucky ponies already at the rescue centre will remain safe and sound).

Unfortunately many of the ponies, like Aura, have already had to endure harrowing experiences and the staff are doing all they can to avoid further tragedy and loss.

The story of the South West Equine Protection Centre has touched all of the staff here at Classic. The Moorland ponies are iconic to the South West (we’ve dedicated a month to them in our Classic Calendars) and we will do whatever we can to support this fantastic charity. It’s shocking how one man can cause such devastation to such a wonderful cause, but together we have the ability to turn this around.

If you’d like to find out more and donate, please visit:

Nick travelled up in the snow last weekend to find out more and hand over our £500 donation:

Donate to save the ponies

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