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Our photo competition winners

Last month we set about proving that no matter what the weather, the West Country is still one of the best places to be. The beginning of this year saw storms a-plenty, but the beauty of the south west was not washed away. As proven by the hundreds of photographs sent in by you, the south west loving public.

It wasn't easy to choose from all the pictures, so we asked our professionals to do it for us! Our brand ambassadors, Kate Tregoning who is a graphic designer and Annabel Elston, our professional photographer, chose our three winners for their mood and managing to capture a little spark of something special. It doesn't have to be glorious sunshine to be a glorious photo.


Our third prize winner receiving a cheque for £200 was Sandra Marengo with her picture, 'Jump'.

Third prize: Widemouth bay by Sandra Marengo'Jump' taken at Widemouth Bay on 12th February by Sandra Marengo

 It's hard to take a good 'people photo', but this was one of the ones that got it right, capturing a really nice energetic moment, despite not being technically perfect.

Second prize of £300 went to Tom Young with his 'glass wave'.

Tom Young's wave at Hayle

'Wave' taken at Hayle in February by Tom Young

This was chosen because of the mood and managing to capture the moment - technically it is very good. But then Tom is quite an experienced surfer and photographer. He might be young in name and age but if you're in Falmouth you can see more of his work in his exhibition, 'Weight' at the Untitled gallery and bar.

But first prize went to Paul Farrington, who receives £500 for his 'sunlight through trees'.

Taken at Lydford Gorge by Paul FarringtonSunlight through the trees at Lydford Gorge by Paul Farrington on 9th March

Our judges said this one jumped out pretty much straight away as it has such a nice mood - Paul actually entered several photographs, all of which we loved, but this one was the winner. You can see more of his work on his web site:


If there was a fourth place, it would go to this picture, as our judges just loved it, but it didn't tick enough boxes to be a winner. It just happens to belong to Tom Young again!

Tom Young's Porthleven surfers'Porthleven surfers' taken in March by Tom Young


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