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Loe Bar Beach Clean

The view down to Loe Bar, with Loe Pool to the right

We somehow managed to arrange a beach clean for what had to have been the hottest day in Cornwall for a long time. But we braved the heatwave and set out down to the hidden strip of sand that is Loe Bar.

View down to Loe

The Legend of Loe is that a man of evil deeds by the name of Jan Tregeagle, managed to perform every sin possible during his life as a magistrate. However, as he became aged, he realised the errors of his ways and did his best to make amends with the church so that he would not be sent to hell. The church did its best to ensure that when he died, he was laid to rest without the devil touching him. A short time later, the dead man's spirit was summoned to act as a witness in an important trial, allowing the demons another chance to get hold of his soul. It was decided that the only way to bring the dead man's body to rest, away from the demon clutches, was to set him impossible tasks that would keep him busy until Judgement Day, and prevent the hellhounds from dragging him down. One such task, was to transport all the sand from Berepper to Porthleven. This meant crossing the River Cober estuary and was made impossible by the tide refilling Berepper with sand each time. But he toiled on to prevent his capture until one day the demons conspired and tripped him up as he carried the sand across the estuary. The great weight of sand filled the estuary and cut off what is now Loe Pool from the sea.

Meeting Neil and getting our kit

The strip of sand formed by this mythical accident is Loe Bar, and is where we met the Keep Britain Tidy Beachcare Coordinator, Neil Hembrow. He came bearing refuse sacks, litter pickers and sun cream! It was good to see that for once the beach wasn't suffering the effects of tidal debris, but there was still plenty for us to do.

Toby and Nicky collaborate

Slathered up with sun cream we set off across the sands picking up mainly plastic and picnic leftovers. This is what the team had to say:

Ed Manning, IT

Ed found a crabOnce again we were fortunate enough to be cleaning the beach in some excellent sunshine. The water was clear and the sand was hot. Due to the recent calm seas and light offshore breezes, the beach was relatively clean. We still combed the beach up and down, finding a lot of rubbish on the high tide line that had been brought in by the large tides that had just passed. As usual a lot of the rubbish was from boats (rope, line, polystyrene) but we still found a few empty beers and disposable barbecues that had not been disposed of. It was nice to see that a lot of the beach was litter-free and that most of the litter was not just bits dropped on the beach by lazy people. We all succeeded in filling at least a bag each and of course managed to find some time to have a pasty and strawberries on the beach. 

Adam Ludnow, Online Marketing

A stunning day and a beautiful beach, it is such a shame that just a little bit of rubbish can spoil it, so I was happy help Tidy Britain with one of their beach cleans. The beach as not as bad as it could have been, but as we have been having Easterly winds recently this will have blown the usual waterborne rubbish back out to sea.

Toby goes above and beyond to find litter


Nicky Bennett, Booking Office Manager

Well I just couldn’t believe what people left behind to be honest – I mean full nappies! Loads of plastic and glass bottles – really a worthwhile morning – an eye opener!

Jacqui Gulliford, Property Manager

Jacqui sweeping the bank

Why long for the Caribbean when you can have this stunning beach right on your doorstep? And you can help the environment at the same time by litter picking. 

A team effort

 If you'd like to get involved with beach cleaning, have a look at the Keep Britain Tidy Beachcare Web site, and find a beach to clean close to home.

Classic crab!

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