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Fantastic Fun with Frankenstein!

Miracle Theatre's Winter Tour is Frankenstein! 'A Jolly Good Fright'. It's touring throughout the West Country from now until March 2013 so see if they're playing near you

It felt like Christmas, wrapped up on a cold Winter's evening to go watch a play in Helston's Epworth Hall. Miracle are great at chosing quirky venues that add to the appeal - this particular one is tucked away behind a church, an unexpected hidden gem of old school theatre.

A cast of three......and a half!

A dark musical comedy created by Miracle Director Bill Scott, the small cast of three (and a half - you'll understand when you go) have a genuine chemistry that makes the audience feel at home. The script is well written, the characters quirky and the moral apparent - who is the real monster?

A few catchy tunes...

Throw in a few catchy tunes and you have a very enjoyable evening. It's hard to explain how they do it, but the actors have you laughing out loud with their comic timing, expressive interpretations of characters and impromptu covers when something doesn't quite go as planned. 


Who is the real monster?The balance of the macabre and light hearted humour is perfect, but I won't give the game away as to the storyline - just that it involves the obligatory monsters and reanimation, brought to life (literally!) by the clever, compact set and staging by lan and Jude Munden. The unusual additions of puppetry and 1940s-esque filmreel are genious.

Find out more about Miracle and where they are touring with Frankenstein until March 2013, on their Web site Also, Miracle Theatre is a registered charity and if you become a Friend of Miracle for £25 a year you'll get exclusive invitations to preview performances with priority seating, whilst helping young people with work placements, and the money funds development of the theatre too!

Don't forget, the Classic Couch is back! As we are sponsoring the Miracle winter tour, the couch is reappearing at 20 of the venues for Frankenstein! and you could be a lucky winner and sit in comfort in prime position for the performance - just fill out the postcard on the door to be entered into the free draw! The lucky Helston winners below make an effort to see Miracle when they're in the area and agreed Frankenstein! was up there with their favourites, 'Miracle never disappoint'. And their verdict on the couch? 'Very comfortable, it was lovely to cuddle up for the show!'

Happy Couch Winners

This last photo is by Classic, but we can't take credit for the others - the big ones are by Kirstin Prisk Photography 2012.

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