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Cornish pasties and beach cleaning

The weather here in the far west of Cornwall has been a bit hit and miss this early in Spring. But luckily the sun shone brightly on Wednesday 21st March as a ten-strong team of Classic staff set off to Gunwalloe on the Lizard peninsula.

Church Cove

Pictures taken by Adam Ludnow, Marketing

The Classic Team

The Classic Team: l-r Andrew (accountant) Ed (IT) Jakie (Marketing) Liz (Bookings) Antony (MD) Kate (Marketing) Adam (Marketing) Jo (Admin)

Our efforts coincided with Clean Cornwall week, and was organised with the help of Neil Hembrow, a Beachcare Coordinator from KeepBritainTidy who we worked with on our last volunteering day. Also joining in were local holiday cottage Owners, Mr Ostmo, Mrs Stephenson, and his mum, who have their property Bolankan View (2265) with us.

Here is what the volunteers had to say about the day:

Jakie Jewell, Marketing Manager

‘An enthusiastic team arrived at Gunwalloe Church Cove only to be told by our leader Neil that thanks to the fab weather we have been experiencing the beach was pretty clean already. However, after sectioning the beach into two areas and sectioning the beach cleaners into two groups with gloves, pickers and bags, off we went to see what we could find and record. Initially you don’t see much but within a few minutes ‘it’ takes over and the slightest sighting of plastic or rope, sweet papers or polystyrene makes the heart race! (How sad!) Gunwalloe Church Cove has a fabulous outlook but most of us were so addicted to scouring the sand we did not look up to appreciate our location! What we did find from the survey was around 75% of our collection was fishing related rubbish – mostly types of netting and rope, and fishing lines. Let’s hope the National Trust can one day use the data they collect to educate the fishing industry. So, after an hour or so we had exhausted our extensive search for rubbish on Church Cove. We then headed around the corner to Dollar Cove but again, the tide and weather had done the job for us. At this point we were slightly disappointed with our measly one bag of rubbish. So, the plan of action was to move up the coast and road to Fishing Cove – a mile long stretch of beach. As we were walking down towards the open expanse of beach there was a feeling of excitement (!) as we could see plastic bottles and general rubbish littered ahead of us. We all got to work very quickly - this beach was a real treat - rubbish everywhere! After a couple of hours of hard beach cleaning graft, a pasty break (courtesy of Anthony our MD) and a ‘short’ rest in the glorious sunshine. This time we counted up 15 bags of rubbish collected – a very satisfying result to our slightly disappointing start! The team thought it only right to celebrate the achievement with a pint at the local which happened to be en route home.

Most common rubbish found: Plastic water bottles, fishing line and rope

Most unusual rubbish we felt for a beach: Shot gun cartridges?!

Most saddening part: The fact that I will never be able to walk on a beach again without surveying it for rubbish – I think I am going to have to purchase a rubbish picker!

Most rewarding part: Definitely the total of 16 bags of rubbish (and the fact I won the ‘most gun cartridges’ competition – in house joke and yes sad I know!)’

Ed on the Smugglers' Path


Kate Denness, Marketing Assistant

‘Beautiful weather and a very clean beach at Gunwalloe, which resulted in us travelling to a neighbouring beach for the afternoon to spread our goodwill! Thankfully (or not) this beach had enough rubbish to keep us busy for the rest of the afternoon! I found mainly plastic bottles, plastic bags, fishing line, rope and unfortunately the odd ‘poo’ bag buried in the sand, but a couple of the team had much more interesting finds in the way of shotgun cartridges!  A great day out the office helped by beautiful March weather and a pasty for lunch!’


Mr Ostmo, Owner of Bolankan View (2265)

‘What a lovely day on Wednesday! The sun shone, the beach sparkled in its cleanliness and how nice to spend a day in the good company of the Classic Cottages team.  Our star finds were a sandal, a rubber leg in high heel (doll size), an onion, a dead seagull, a chewed tennis ball and a multitude of different coloured mermaid's tears. Thanks very much for organising the day and for the pasties. We will certainly be up for the next one.’


Jo Humphreys, Property Administration Supervisor

Jo in action

‘Really enjoyed the beach clean, the first beach we went to didn’t have a lot of rubbish so it was very satisfying when we went to the next cove along and there was lots for us to collect – very sad when you get excited over rubbish! We collected all sorts from plastic bottles to bits of fishing nets to a pair of tights! We collected 16 bags in total, really felt like we had achieved something for the day and done a good deed. We also couldn’t of asked for better weather!’


If you would like to get involved in future volunteering days, please let us know!

You can see more photographs of the beach and our efforts on our Facebook album.

Church Cove, Gunwalloe

Stay nearby> holiday cottages at Church Cove.

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