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A bouquet of holiday cottages

There's something stirring in the undergrowth and a whisper on the wind. Can you hear it? Perhaps you can smell it? Just a very slight rustling of leaves on the dewy earth; the merest hint of the scent of coconut in the bright, golden yellow blooms of the gorse-lined hedgerows and clifftops; the lazy buzz of a bee on the breeze; the sweet song of a lark on the wing.

There’s a gentle, languorous awakening and it's not just the daffodils that are lifting up their heads. As if after a very long slumber, blinking eyes stop staring at pavements and a smiling, tentative, almost surprised greeting, in a sort of 'fancy seeing you here' kind of way, is murmured between people passing on the street. Mother Nature's very own ‘light box’ has lit the blue touch paper - at long last, spring fever is in the air and for someone who was used to hibernating in a previous life, it’s one alarm clock I welcome waking up to.

So, as the rages and howls of winter abate with a sigh and a whimper, with any luck, we can all venture out from our hidey-holes, noses twitching, and begin to look forward to just a tad of global warming and sunnier skies. Last year’s distant memories of chocolate egg hunts amongst the early spring flowers, Easter bonnets and maypoles adorned with daisies, fields ablaze with golden rapeseed blooms, strolls through buttercup meadows and picnics in poppy-filled fields will, once again, become a glorious reality. 

Already, snowdrops, crocuses and primroses are brightening up the forest floors and woodland glades, carpets of sapphire bluebells in all their cerulean splendour will soon be displayed before our feet. 

So, it’s time to prepare yourselves - grab that trowel, don those wellies, wield that watering can and wheedle out those weeds, ready to plant your garden with a riot of colour setting the scene for summer barbecues, family games on the lawn, or for just relaxing with a book and a glass of something chilled on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love,” said Alfred, Lord Tennyson and what better way than to say it with flowers.

Here’s a small floral posy picked from the Classic Cottages garden to help you plan your next romantic sojourn or family getaway.

The Flower House (2421) 

We can’t promise ‘silver bells and cockle shells’ but hearts and flowers may just be flying around this super cosy romantic retreat.

A super cosy romantic retreat awaits you at The Flower House.

Lavender Barn (4010)

Banish the blues in a beautifully converted Cornish barn. Rolling hills, a private terrace surrounded by colourful Cornwall countryside.

Lavender Barn is the place for relaxing in the Cornwall countryside.

The Flower Farm (3319,3320,3321)

How many kinds of sweet flowers grow in an English country garden? Quite a few in this idyllic area of rural north Cornwall.

A name befitting the countryside surrounding this collection of properties: The Flower Farm.

Heartsease (3130)

Stop a while and rest your head at this charming, characterful cottage amidst acres of tranquil National Trust land. Comfort for your body and soul.

Charming and characterful, Heartsease is the perfect cottage for a countryside holiday.

Gilliflower (4263)

Time to sit back and take stock? Relax and unwind in sweet-scented tranquillity.

Relax and unwind at Gilliflower.

Honeysuckle, Celandine and Campion (2777,2778,2779)

Buttercup meadows, burbling brooks, get-away-from-it-all glamping. Your three wishes may have just come true. Anyone for a safari? 

Fill your lungs with fresh air at the glamping getaway.

Foxglove (3855)

A sight to get the heart pumping - the sauna, games-room and swimming pool will get things back on an even keel.

With a games room and swimming pool, Foxglove is a real destination holiday.

Woodbine Barn (4080)

Tendrils of the honeysuckle weave their magic in this beautiful, high quality barn conversion - a midsummer night’s dream.

A beautiful barn conversion that would make a perfect base for your next holiday.

Poppy Yurt (2720)

Gorgeous, glamping glamour amidst acres of wildflower meadows and woodlands. A naturalist’s paradise.

Amazing structures tucked away in the rolling green hills of south Devon.

Rose Villa (3649)

If the rose is a symbol of love might just this beautifully appointed home be the rose for your rose?

A rose for your rose? Rose Villa is a lovely cottage for all.

See more of our holiday cottages and start planning your getaway now.

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