Classic Fodder

The A-Z of Frisky Food & Five Easy Aphrodisiacs

Holidays are supposed to be romantic. Increase the odds of
love in the air by getting to know a few perker-uppers. Allegedly,
the following foods and concoctions bring the hugs out.

Asparagus – long ago bridegrooms
had 3 courses of asparagus to get them
in the mood, while Arabic chefs say
steam it and fry in egg yolks for a
surge of lust
1. Champagne Love Shots – glass
of fizz and squashed/pureed red fruit.
Get ready for a nice kind of giddy.        
Beetroot – let’s just say it’s the only
vegetable that bleeds
Chocolate – the one we all know about
(just don’t overdo it)
2. Chocberries – dunk fresh strawbs
in molten chocolate, chill in fridge and
feed to your blindfolded loved one.
Date – throughout history, the fruit of
the palm has made love out of war
Elderberry wine – the secret is the
berries are rich in pith
3. Nigella’s Nuts – almonds have
been a symbol of fertility since Eden
times. The aroma is thought to induce
passion in a female. Bake unsalted nuts
(almonds, cashews, brazils, pecans etc) at
180ºC for 10 mins, then coat in a mix
of 1 tbsp melted butter, pinch of
cayenne, 2 tbsp rosemary, 2 tsp sea salt
and 2 tsp muscovado sugar. Serve warm
and see what happens.   
Fennel – its fragrance works like a
Ginger – the heat of the root relaxes
our inhibitions
Halibut – a stimulant and linked to
Aphrodite, goddess of the sea
Iron – ok, so it’s not a food, but it’s
plentiful in meat and spinach
Juniper – great with game and the
main ingredient of gin
Kedgeree – this fish and eggs dish fires
up the soul
Liquorice – it’s a sweet that’s also used
in love potions in India
4. Asparagus (see A-Z for sexy
history) – steam skinny asparagus spears
for 4 mins then season with grated
parmesan, or melted butter or roasted
baby toms, mashed garlic, olive oil and
red wine vinegar. Or just roast in foil
with oil and lemon juice for 20 mins.
Thank Nigel Slater, not us.
Mussels – like all shellfish, it has lustgiving
Nutmeg – aromatic bordering on
narcotic, watch out
Oyster – the most famous love food of
all, however you serve them
Pomegranate – adored by Romans,
because of its seeds perhaps?
Quince – try feeding quince jelly on
toast to your loved one
Radish – quietly worshipped in France,
the sexiest nation on earth
Strawberry – rich in vitamin B2 and it
looks the part
5. Oysters Margarita (serves 2) –
freeze 3 tbsp Tequila, 1 tbsp Cointreau,
3 tbsp sour mix (equal sugar syrup and
lemon). Grate the frozen cocktail over
fresh oysters with a squeeze of lime.
If the oysters don’t do the job, the
spirits will.    
Tomato – ask the Mexicans of the 16th
Century why it’s called the love-apple
Unconditional love – some things don’t
need magic, they just are
Vinegar – rumour has it, vinegar can
arouse, but not on soggy chips
Wheatgerm – stacks of vitamin E, the
love vitamin, so pig out on cereal
X – shorthand for a kiss
Yam – the sweet potato softens the
toughest of hearts
Zzzz – sleep can revive a lack-lustre
sex drive, so get the zeds in first

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