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Sarnie Fillings

It would be wrong to say that John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, invented one of our favourite snacks; bread was used to transfer food from plate to mouth way before his time. But the name stuck when his card-playing mates ordered 'the same as Sandwich'. Here are some that go beyond bread and meat to keep the card hands clean.


Ten Life-Saving Sarnie Fillers

1.    Crusty white farmhouse, fresh farm eggs, mayo, cress and dash of Tabasco
   Rye bread, pastrami, gherkin, tomato, lettuce, NYC accent
   Granary, avocado, cheese, mustard/mayo and hot sizzling pancetta
4.    Still-warm baguette, local farmyard butter, honesty-box jam
5.    Wrap, chicken, spring onion, grated carrot, toasted pine nuts, mayo and napkins
6.    Oatmeal, leftover roast chicken, grated red onion, baby spinach and mayo
7.    Any bread and home-made cucumber mayo (cucumber, spring onion, capers, fresh mint,
tarragon vinegar and a dollop or two of mayo)
8.    Squidgy white rolls, grated apple mixed with cream cheese and lemon juice
9.    Sourdough, semi-molten Camembert and Cheddar
10.  Anything here
And a couple of super-quick, half-healthy sweet-ish options:
11.   Brown bread, banana, marmite
12.   Finally, from a very old book, try olives (green or stuffed) chopped and added to peanut butter
– sounds grim but trust us on this one

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