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Mustafa Eggs

An upside-down, deconstructed omelette of sorts for any time of day.

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Mustafa Eggs (For breakfast, lunch or supper)

Sam and Sam Clark at Moro, we owe you. We must have cooked this 100 times or more when we’ve run out of energy or ingredients. They say it’s based on a street dish from a kiosk in Marrakech, run by
a man called Mustafa, hence our name.

2 x tinned toms (or ten big, ripe, fresh toms, or a carton of cherry toms)
Onions/shallots/spring onions, chopped
Garlic, couple of cloves, crushed
1 tsp of cumin seeds, coarsely ground (try using a pebble from the beach)
Cayenne/chilli flakes/paprika – anything with a kick (spice up or down for kids)
Eggs, the fresher the better – 1 per child, 2 per adult
Coriander/parsley or at a real push, dried mixed herbs
Sea salt & black pepper
A good glug of olive oil

Open a bottle of Rioja. Pour yourself a glass. Line the biggest pan or wok you have with the oil. Lob in the cumin, garlic and onions. Stir until they’re lightly tanned, then add your toms (we proudly use tinned toms although you can use fresh and boil-burst the skins off if you want to be purist), cayenne (or chilli, or paprika) and let it simmer for the time it takes to finish your glass of wine. Then crack the eggs on top – our record is eight in one pan. Simmer until the whites go white. Serve with coriander and chunky toast for dunking. Holiday comfort food.

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