Classic Fodder

Calorie Offsetting

Holidays are for indulging. Counter the over indulgence with our equivalent ‘activity required’ guide.

Work out how big a pig you’d like to be. By all means eat what you like, but if you fill those lungs with air, those legs with miles and that heart with fun, the food will taste triply good and you’ll boost your calorie quota. Just get to know your start line before you take on a swim-a-thon.

Daily recommended guide: ladies = 2,000, gents = 2,500.

Activity Minutes Calories Treat Earned
Hiking 120 600-900 freshly baked pasty
Horse Riding 60 200-300 muffin
Mtn Biking 60 425-638 fillet steak and oven chips
Swimming 30 200-300 vanilla smoothie
Surfing 60 150-225 jacket spud
Walking 120 350-525 3 pints of Guinness
Hanky Panky 30 33-49 2 jelly babies

First calorie figure based on woman of 50kg, second on man of 75kg. Top up time and treat as you and your body see fit.

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