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All things eating in Dorset

When you come to Dorset there may be a few things you think of first; fossil hunting, country walks and sitting along sunny harbour walls are just a handful of things on everybody’s bucket list. Whatever your idea of holiday bliss, there is an endless supply of things to see and do, and thanks to the mass of locally produced and sourced delicacies, there is also plenty to get your teeth into.

When staying in a self-catering cottage, access to great quality food is really important. From the local creamy fudge and the taste-bud-tickling ice-cream, to the freshly caught fish and crab pulled in that morning, there is something for every kind of food lover in Dorset. Taking inspiration from Celebrity cook Beverley Glock, owner of Classic’s Dairy Cottage (3192) featured in April’s Buckinghamshire Life Magazine, we’re thinking about all that Dorset’s cuisine culture has to offer.

Dining in?

Heading out isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Our self-catering cottages are equipped with all the kitchen utensils you’ll need for an edible masterpiece. If you’re holidaying in Dorset, head to market towns like Bridport or Blandford to pick up some top-notch local produce. Or order a local hamper delivery.

Dining out?

From trendy haunts like Hive Beach Cafe in Burton to all the best local pubs like the Anchor Inn in Seatown, visitors to Dorset will be left spoilt for choice. For tasty local delicacies, try Limestone in Lulworth or head to the Lakeside Fish Restaurant in Poole to enjoy its traditional fish and chips served with fantastic sea views.

Hive Beach Cafe


Fancy something a little more adventurous?


If you’d like to spend some time sat atop the big blue, fishing in Dorset is a great way to experience the famous coastline and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Not only that but with any luck, you’ll be able to bring home some dinner too.


If you’d like to put a little more effort into finding your food, then foraging may just be the thing for you. There are food foraging courses that you can go on to give you a head start, or if you’re already a seasoned pro then the world is your oyster. Check beaches for edible seaweed, mussels and more, and combe the countryside for tasty morsels. From finding the perfect herb garnish to picking the tastiest mushroom; nothing will give you greater satisfaction than dining on a hand-crafted meal. Spring foraging promises a glut of seasonal delights but you'd be surprised how much you can gather when foraging in winter. And in summer, foraged food make the perfect barbecue accompaniment.

Foraging in Dorset

Something to wash it down with

It’s not just food that you can find around you, there are also lots of tasty drinks you can create. To start you off, here’s a recipe for some lovely nettle tea:



1 cup of nettles (plus gloves!)

4 cups of water

1 tbsp of sugar or honey (optional)


-          Wash nettles and remove as much stem as possible

-          Place nettles in pan with water and sugar/honey

-          Bring water to the boil, and simmer for 15 minutes

-          Taste and more sugar/honey if you’d like

-          Voila!

Top tip: Older nettles taste sweeter!

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