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As a company who supports thinking green, embracing ways to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can, we like finding opportunities for our owners to do the same, especially when it can save you money and bring in extra bookings.

The Winter Alliance have invited us to join their campaign to encourage small, easy and positive actions on climate change. They want to make a change without disrupting your usual way of life. As people who run businesses based around location and the Great Outdoors, climate change is reaching a concerning point for us and we need to take action. We have had the warmest years on record, seen dramatic changes in weather patterns and recent reports show atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have reached their highest for several million years.

The first way we can all start helping is by considering where our energy supply is coming from. Switching to 100% clean energy supplies is no longer expensive or difficult. Clean energy prices are at a market tipping point: when compared to other supplies, domestic users can save an average of £250 on their bill. 

The Winter Alliance are making this switching process as easy as possible for our owners. They have created a portal where you can look at the savings offered by seven suppliers and switch with a couple of clicks. Each supplier only works with 100% clean energy and as all of them are also ethical companies, they tend to drop prices as the market price drops rather than keeping it high like the big providers.

Small change in our daily lives can make a huge impact on the environment.

Using a 100% clean energy supply can make you stand out to those guests who care about the environment and love the Great Outdoors. This switch will also contribute to your accreditation on the Classic Green Scheme under the ‘Energy’ section.

The biggest positive of this is as we use more clean energy, the suppliers are required to install new clean generation capacity, making room for even more people to switch to a greener energy.

The second way the Winter Alliance campaign can help with climate change is to offer quick and easy ways to offset the carbon footprint of our holiday activities, in particular through enabling keen individuals to take part in tree-planting initiatives. They’re working with larger organisations to signpost them to advice on carbon footprint assessments and energy efficiency alongside assisting any changes to commercial clean energy suppliers.

A deer in the winter snow.

So far a number of brands and high-profile individuals are working with the Winter Alliance to promote their campaign, including Rab and Low Alpine Mountain. The brands are leading the way by moving to a 100% clean energy supply and are offering you the chance to win some equipment. 


Take a look at www.winteralliance.org to see what they can do for your holiday home.

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