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Celebrating Ti’s 100th Birthday

Reaching your 100th birthday is quite an achievement, so when one of our lovely owner's mother turned 100 at the beginning of May, we were delighted to be a part of the celebrations. 

Ti Østmo, whose son Gavin and daughter-in-law Nicky own Bolankan View and Bolankan Barn , still takes the time to bake delicious scones for every guest staying in their properties. A wonderful welcome treat for visitors!

As a passionate environmentalist inspired by David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg, Ti wished to celebrate with her family and friends on Gyllynvase beach in Falmouth and raise awareness of climate change. A large banner citing the cause was displayed in the sand, colourful picnic blankets were laid out and a crowd gathered around to commemorate the occasion, attended by the local environmental group, Extinction Rebellion. Rather than receive birthday gifts, Ti asked her loved ones to plant a tree and write messages of peace on a climate change tree.  And the scone making tradition continued for her birthday celebration, with Ti baking almost 100 scones for her family and friends attending – served on environmentally friendly plates, of course. 

Ti is hopeful that climate change issues will improve in the future and ensures she does her bit to make a positive change, including growing her own fruit and vegetables in her garden at home. Ti is a fantastic influence for all of us and a wonderful reminder that it’s never too late to help to change the world for the better.

Property Manager Sarah arranged and personally delivered a beautifully decorated cake, which was enjoyed by Ti and her family with a well-deserved cup of tea on their return from the beach. Congratulations, Ti!