Providing internet in your holiday let - our WiFi survey

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Wifi, broadband, internet – what’s the difference and what difference does it make?

Some prefer to get away from it all, zone out of reception and take a break from modern life. It is meant to be a holiday after all. But there’s no escaping just how ingrained the communication highway is. We’re constantly wandering in and out of hotspots and using up our bandwidth.



But do people really need internet access on holiday?

Well, we went and asked them* and it turns out, yes. It really does make a difference.


‘Wouldn’t go on holiday without it.’
(Essential user, over 60)



It doesn’t matter whether you’re 16 or 60, 94% of people said they preferred to have internet access on holiday, with 36% stating it is an essential. The only difference was the over 60s needed it for emails and finding places to go, whereas the 16 year olds also streamed and used social. So there’s no more being ageist about appeal – silver surfers and school kids all want to get online. It’s just over 60s tend to take their laptop rather than a tablet device.


‘We turned down returning to our favourite cottage in Cornwall because it has no wifi or phone signal in the village.’
(Essential user, over 60)



There’s one very obvious divide in the 18-30 category, the younger generation preferring to lounge in comfort for cosy nights in streaming movies for entertainment. They’re less likely to look at emails or bring work with them on holiday so an unlimited package is a must if your property suits younger audiences. That said, they’re more proficient in tech talk and were the group most happy to have 3G reception available as an alternative (the older groups had more answers for ‘don’t know’).


‘Really need a good connection as, running our own business, work never stops. We would never book a cottage if it did not have WiFi and if the connection was poor, would consider not returning for another stay.
So YES it is really important.’
(Essential user, age 45-60)



And that is where the strong correlations end – it doesn’t matter who you think your guests are; couples, groups, babies or teens, everyone has different wants and needs when they’re on holiday.

And to that end, we’re defining broadband in holiday cottages really simply:



This is when there is an unlimited, high speed broadband connection that can cope with anything from emails to eTV – you can stream a movie with no buffering.


Anything that doesn’t fall into Superfast – basically for emails and browsing, or has capped limits, drops out occasionally or is run from a router next door.


With less than 5% of people surveyed saying they like to go offline or probably wouldn’t use it, it seems a bit of a no-brainer to make sure your connection to the outside world is the best it can be.

That said, technology is never 100% reliable, especially for cottages in the outer reaches of the counties, so realistic expectations are important.

Take a look at our Guide to Holiday WiFi for implementation ideas and our series of helpful blogs on all things WiFi.



‘The quality of cottage is a much higher priority, but everything else being equal between two cottages, Wifi would win the day.’
(Preferable user, over 60)


*survey of 25,872 people who have holidayed with Classic in the past three years. Survey date 3rd May 2016.

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