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Keep it local. Winkle out local shops and farmers' markets. Over the last few years the West Country has edged the image of cream teas and pasties to one side and forged a reputation for good food. That is not just in the pubs and restaurants, but through dedicated local producers displaying their goods in a host of farm shops and markets. So winkle them out when you visit to enjoy that special something that you get from food that has never seen a motorway and bask in the satisfaction that you are also putting something back into the local economy. Our Classic Guide website gives ideas for your area.


  • Recycle. Please use recycling facilities where available. The Recycle Now website (www.recyclenow.com) details recycling centres near your cottage.
  • Be energy aware. Simply closing windows and turning off heating and appliances when you are out makes an enormous difference. It is good for the environment and will delight your hosts.
  • Leave the car at home. Lots of the loveliest parts of the UK are best explored on foot or by bike; again, go to www.classicguide.co.uk for inspiration.
  • Please leave only your footprints and, if you see any litter and are feeling brave, put it in the bin.