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Your pre arrival guide to being green

You've already made a great first step by choosing one of our holiday homes - All of our self-catering cottages provide all the equipment you need for your stay, so there is no need to buy any additional supplies other than the all important food and drink. We have provided a few ideas of how you can do a few small things that'll make a big difference to our local environments and help to protect the wildlife and world around us. So here goes!


Around the home

Recycle. Please use recycling facilities where available. The Recycle Now website details recycling centres near your cottage.

Be energy aware. Simply closing windows and turning off heating and appliances when you are out makes an enormous difference. It is good for the environment and will delight your hosts.

Water, water, everywhere - be a little conscious of your water use when you're in your holiday cottage.


Out and about

Keep it local. Winkle out local shops and farmers' markets. Over the last few years the nation has really sepped up a gear and in most corners of the country you'll be able to find a decent farm shop selling a full range of delicious locally sourced products. You can always use our Classic Guide website to find a local farm shop near you.

Enjoy life in the slow lane. Explore the local countryside on foot or by bicycle. 

Take it home with you. Please leave only your footprints and, if you see any litter and are feeling brave, put it in the bin.