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Lyndhurst and the New Forest ponies

We had driven through the town of Lyndhurst earlier in the day and made a note to stop off on our way back to our holiday cottage in Lymington, not least because of the large number of New Forest ponies we had seen just on the outskirts of the town. It's an experience that makes you stop and consider the natural hierarchy of the planet - we build our towns to separate ourselves from the elements, and here these animals were, encroaching on our built environment. But rightly so, to be fair, and it made for a much nicer environment.

New Forest ponies

Pony excitement aside, the town itself is largely considered the capital of the New Forest area, with history dating back to the 13th Century. Physical evidence is readily available with a second's glance at the town centre, the architecture throughout setting a traditional scene. Among the independent shops you can find a number of pubs, restaurants and tea rooms to take your pick from for a leisurely cream tea or cheeky afternoon pint. We're near to Beaulieu and its renowned motor museum but we were happy to stumble across the Meridien Modena garage which is a must for any car enthusiast or anyone that enjoys gawking at Ferraris and Maseratis. It's an actual showroom as opposed to a tourist attraction, but it's wandering past...

Friendly New Forest pony New Forest pony Nosy New Forest pony


See the New Forest ponies up close

On the outskirts of town on the Beaulieu Road, we specifically headed to an area called Bolton's Bench, touted as a major landmark and named after the 18th century New Forest Master Keeper, the Duke of Bolton. It's a grassy little mound topped with a beautiful Yew tree canopy and kept trim by Mother Nature's lawnmowers - the ponies had dispersed a little since we had seen them in the morning but you didn't have to go far across the surrounding green lawns to find some and there were donkeys too.


Friendly pony Too friendly Too friendly pony


They were very friendly and actually came over to say hello to us; one came right up to our car and stuck his head in, which delighted the kids who thought this was hilarious. Beyond this peaceful village with its quinessential cricket green the leaves turn to prickles as the gorse grows in from the surrounding heathland of White Moor. The area provides a great and vast place to walk your dog (and run the children ragged) with lovely views, although I wouldn't recommend it as a picnic site - unless you want to bring enough to feed two dozen New Forest Ponies.

The trouble with free range ponies

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